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Thomas was a nature lover and loved to wander around the country-side, which in his day would be covered in large oak forests.
He was drawn to the foothills of the mystical Eildon Hills near Melrose and to the waterfall at Bogle burn (Goblin brook).
This spot is now a visitor attraction, just off the A6091. Here you will find the 'Rhymers Stone', the interpretation board, and stone circle pictured in this leaflet.
One day while lying in repose on Huntly Banks, Thomas spotted a lady approaching on a grey horse.
Thomas immediately fell in love with her beauty. He thought she was the Queen of Heaven. However, she informed him she was not, but was the Queen of another country, the Queen of Fair Elfland. He kissed her lips, and was then bound to serve her, in her own country, for seven years. They rode for forty days and forty nights to 'the otherworld' deep beneath the Eildon hills.
Legend says he returned to Ercildoune, after an absence of seven years, wearing green clothing and carrying a harp. He had been told by The Faery Queen never to speak a word of what he had seen in the 'other-world'.
As a parting gift, the Faery Queen had given him the gift of 'a tongue which would never lie' - hence the name 'True Thomas'.
According to legend, he was also given the gift of prophecy by the Faery Queen, and began his predictions soon after his return to Ercildoune.

At Eldon Tree if you shall be,
 A brigg ower Tweed you there may see.